Healer - Claudia Leandra König

Claudia Leandra König
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          Welcome ♥  
             Group Healing Events                          
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           in 94227 Zwiesel / Bavarian Forest  

Claudia Leandra is a Healer. Since 2001 she enjoys that work a lot. She has been working in the Bavarian Forest since 2017, before she had a healing practice and was a trainer in Munich. With her extraordinary talent to build a bridge between the worlds she gives events for holistic, energetic methods in healing for groups and individuals. You will learn how to help yourself and receive healing impulses from the healing circles. Claudia Leandra teaches and treats with professionalism, heart and human centered. Only the healing circels are offered in english, if there is a wish. So please give a clue when you are interested. Thank you.

Come! It is very relaxing here and the landscape is beautiful.

Claudia Leandra is looking forward to your coming

What you can do aside from coming
and being joyful.

What may occur during or after
an event.

What you should know about
the event.
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